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The Basics
Basic Information
Basic Information regarding PKACS. It i s best to check out this section before you submit.
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Thread: Posting in the Archive
Posted by: Chriswalt
User Submissions
You want to become an agent? Come right in to this forum then!
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Posted by: Chriswalt

Knowledge Archive
Anything doing with space, aliens, UFOs, etc.
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Any knowledge on hacking, cracking, programming, computers, no games.
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Thread: Prototype POD Weapon
Posted by: Chriswalt
Anything doing with conspiracies and mysteries that need solving.
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Thread: Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev
Posted by: Chriswalt
Anything regarding cults, religions, magick, etc.
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Thread: The Darkness Guide
Posted by: EpycWyn
Anything that can enlighten people that does not belong in the other sections.
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Thread: Wiki Knowledge Archive
Posted by: Entity
Anything dealing with psionics, ESP, astral projection, telepathy, PK, etc.
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Thread: Psipg
Posted by: Chriswalt
Anything dealing with demons, spirits, legends, myths, monsters, cryptids, etc.
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Thread: The Theatre
Posted by: Entity
Information Dump
A place for unapproved users to dump information.
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Other Forums
General Chat
Chat about anything about the site, video games, tv, what ever.
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Utopia (18+)
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Thread: Drepy
Posted by: Belesevarius

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