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The Station (Game)
ChriswaltDate: Monday, 07.15.2013, 11:01 PM | Message # 1
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Some odd game I found in /x/. Something about moons chasing you or something? Also their seems to be some secrets hiding in this game. Coordinates and everything. Uploading on mediafire for you. Password is "thestation" with no quotes. It is 28-29 Megabytes of zipped information, containing the game, the copied 4chan html of the thread, and some images found from the thread that help anyone trying to solve this case.

Download Link:

Any information regarding The Station must be posted in this thread.

The one and only.
EntityDate: Sunday, 07.28.2013, 3:13 AM | Message # 2
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The links set to private >.<
But anyways, yeah, Ive heard of it before. It's recently been debunked by some anons from a recent thread on 4chans /x/ board as an ARG that never got quite far. Recently, the author/publisher of the ARG has been forcing it and posts a thread on 4chan reminding everyone about it every few days, and its gotten "quite annoying" to the other /X/Philes, haha.
(Also, sorry to say, the guy never even put any effort into the ARG and it never really got anywhere. The extreme of it was that;
>Anon goes to sale of some sort, i forget
>Finds a disc, buys it for the craps and giggles
>posts it to 4chans /X/ Board
>people play it, eventually find out its some coordinates in russia
>the setting in the game is based on the exterior and interior of that house
>thats all there is to it, thats the end of story.)

So wasteful of what could of been a great ARG if you ask me.

Clyde Fletcher Tesla
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